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Get to the Next Level with Coach Andy G’s SPT Programs

The Strategic Pickleball Training [SPT] Programs are Designed For Specific Skill Levels and Include Tips and Lots of Drills To Develop That Crucial Shot Muscle Memory That Will Raise Your Games!

SPT – 1 “The Fast Game”

Learn how to “Hit Strategic Shots” across the net and Strategically move the opponents right or left for a winner or a setup shot for you to kill or end the rally.

Topics to Cover in this Clinic:

  • Strategic Serves and Serve Returns
  • Hitting Forehands & Backhands Straight and Strategically in the Target Zones between the players & down the sidelines.
  • Hitting the above mentioned Strategic shots from the Baseline, Mid-Court  & No Volley Zone (NVZ = kitchen line)
  • Hitting Like a Pro from the NVZ line with a Strategy.
  • Blocking Strategy from the NVZ; Punch & Drop Shots to “Beat the Slammers”

“ You Will leave this clinic with New Strategies  & Progressively Better than when you started”

SPT – 2 “The Sloooooow Game”

Can you drop the ball into the Danger Zone? Or are you dropping it to them in the EZ Zone where people can reach your shots on a fly?

In “SPT -2” you will learn these needed skills for the “Sloooow Game” to make people reach for your shots:

  • Strategically hit 3rd, 5th, or 7th shot drop into the Danger Zone
  • How to hit those shots from the Baseline & Mid Court “LOO-Land of Opportunity”
  • Strategies to “Set-UP- The Sloooo Game” to get to the NVZ (No Volley Zone)
  • Dangerous Dinking with Strategies

“Besides driving the ball you will learn Strategies when to “Sloooow it up and use Finesse/Touch.”


$70.00 Per Person

2 Hour Class

Max Class Size is 8 People

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